SIOPEL Registry  
Please complete the following steps:
1) fill in the form
2) print the completed form and collect signatures
3) fax the form with the signatures to SIOPEL Data Center
     For UK: +44 121 414 9520
     International: +44 207 813 85 88 
*Participating Request for the Study:
We agree to:
comply with the protocol requirements
provide the necessary information through the CINECA remote data entry system for central review in a timely manner
obtain the necessary ethical and regulatory approval required by our country prior to entry the first patient, and supply a copy to the SIOPEL data center in the UK, if not uploaded in this participating form
Upload scanned signed documents
or fax a copy to SIOPEL Data Center:
Signed Form of Participation (this form)

Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Committee (EC) approval
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Health Authority and/or other applicable approval as required by national regulations
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Responsible Surgeon
Responsible Pathologist
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Responsible Data Manager
Responsible Pharmacist
LABORATORY (complete for SIOPEL 4 and SIOPEL 5 only):
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